Visual Merchandising Full-Service

Client: Ahava Cosmetics
Project: Visual Merchandising Full-Service
Job: Production & controlling of window display campaigns

AHAVA Visual Merchandising Full-Service

With its team in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and parts of Europe and with up to 600 designer for visual marketing, MEA implements comprehensive shop window decorations, POS placements/-services, sales promotions and all visual merchandising measures at the POS. Since the AHAVA brand from Israel has been available in Germany, MEA has been supporting the design of the brand identity at the point of sale. Among other things, MEA realized the retail concept of the AHAVA Concept Store in Berlin, as well as a visionary architectural design-study for the planned AHAVA Dead Sea Center in New York.

Today, the MEAspp unit regularly produces the materials for the current shop window campaigns and is responsible for the roll-out and implementation control.

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